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Ever gone for a goal???

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Okay, we know we aren't the only ones out there that have gone for a goal and STRUGGLED!! Thinking but "we just want to do good in the world" and then "stuff" shows up right at those moments of time. Things in you, with issues like your thinking and old programming. Things in others, with maybe the change they are feeling around them because you are going for a goal. And possibly, even change in your physical world of material things all of a sudden not working or breaking.

Give a shout out if anyone can relate!!!

Welcome to our world! We are finishing a goal we have been in years in the making and holy smokes when you are in the arena of life, Brene Brown is right, you have a choice to keep getting up and fighting. The kind of fighting we are about are not ones with gloves or weapons, but more with words! Education is KEY when you LEARN and SHARE. We invite you to stay with us and invite others who might need what we do as we share more with you our journey. Here's to a new chapter of life...

Here's a snapshot...

  • Basement flooded. Check! Such a mess!

  • Baby goats born in freezing weather. Check! Such a mess!

  • Internet broke and company had to come fix it. Check! Such a mess!

  • Days of Dr. appointments, including another GI scope (the 3 month club for this isn't the club we though we'd be in), leaving Monica down with a migraine for days. Check!

  • Sooo many assignments due in grad school for the semester and then opps realized another class started THIS week. Check! Ours desks would look like a mess, but they are somehow in order for us. :)

One big take away is the outward "things" may represent a mess, but the inward is not so much. That's big compared to years ago. We feel prepared and in order differently having the ability to get though things differently. When we share our personal messes, we are sharing to hopefully help others who might feel that they are alone out there in their struggle and ways we have gotten (and continue) to get through.

When you see twins we hope you are reminded LIFE IS MENT TO BE DONE TOGETHER.

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