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Connections and beyond...

What I know so far about connections is this…I desire to know more!

Ever since I could remember, a big part of me has always been curious about connections. I mean I was born a twin afterall, maybe God knew a thing or two about me and what was in store with my journey of life.

Even as I sit here, early this morning trying to listen to my writing playlist, I’m surrounded by different sources and ways of connecting to music I enjoy. I can see three sources within an arm's reach, and not one is syncing up.

I love music! Maybe not every style, type or genre…but I love the vibration, tones, variety, and feelings that can be generated. Music is felt. It's experienced. So are connections to me. Maybe I don’t fully know how to explain them in a scientific term, but I do study a lot about the science of connections. So far, I’ve come to understand that connections are meant to be felt, in the heart, then that flow radiates beyond to my mind's understanding and further to my body's sensations.

This morning I was woken to a clear thought… a deep impression… a strong feeling!

Some may say it was my subconscious mind working through “things” I did or said recently. You know those annoying thoughts or memories from the past that come to your mind and replay over and over like you're looking for a way to self soothe what you said or you wishfully try to go back and now insert a different outcome or wonder if what you said made any sense! :) Tell me I’m not the only one who's ever experienced this! That my friends is part of the human experience and as much as I study this part of the mind and behavior, I know grace is actually what I need more than understanding. Extending grace to myself as well as others, knowing we are all doing our best, is sometimes what I need more than doing one more thing.

Maybe I was woken by the sounds of my elderly dog and the changes that are happening in his aging body. His inability to move like he has and all those years of fun loving play and comfort have become a clear reality lately. He was my first dog, my buddy, one chosen as a family and now it's up to me to make some tough decisions for his well being. Even animals are impacted in divorce situations. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I’d be in a place to be making these family decisions as a single mom. Oh how I love my dogs! Preparatory grief and loss are so real, even and especially with pets. I know I'm prepared to not see him suffer anymore, but letting him go is another thing. I need grace again and lots of it today…good thing that’s an endless gift from God!

But I don’t believe it was specifically those reasons why I was woken with a thought about connections…

Annica and I deeply believe connections bind us to one another. They can heal us, they can refine us, and they can go beyond us in ways we can’t physically see at times with our natural eyes. But the hearts can and do!!

Thank you for connecting and being in my life, our life.

Life is SO beautiful. It can also be messy. We are looking forward to this next season of our lives as we know how fragile life and relationships are. We’ve really missed doing what we love, which is sharing our journey and parts of our lives with others as proof healing can happen, change is possible, and growth is necessary.

It took some adjusting, repositioning, and even restarting one of my audio sources, but the music sound and connection is so much better. As in life, if we continually adjust, reposition, and even restart we can have a clearer connection and greater power.

Today is a good day to create connections, heal relationships, and strengthen bonds in our lives. This can be with ourself,

others, and God. Even at times in life when I couldn’t feel God, I knew He was there. That there was something beyond myself to connect to. He is my source of power, energy, and connection. All forms of energy must have a source and this scientific law of the universe is well supported by the belief that you cannot create something from nothing.

May your day be filled with His grace and love, as well as ours. Thanks for connecting.

We know of connections as we know the Sun will rise daily.

We feel It radiate light, heat, and energy.

Because of It we feel everything else, which make It possible for life to exist.

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